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The cleaning of travertine, sandstone, slate, granite, gneiss, basalt, quartzite, artificial stone, patio slabs, paving stones, concrete stone and interlocking stones with hot water (90°) and the appropriate pressure; achieves very satisfying results.

This not only contributes to the life and maintenance of your property, but also brings back a fresh clean pleasing appearance and reduces the risk of slipping.


Algae, lichen and moss will grow where they find a suitable habitat. This leads to discolouration of natural and artificial stone and if not removed can damage the terrace, façade or roof. With our experience and professional infrastructure, we can remove +90% of these stains gently and effectively in an environmental friendly manner with hot  water and no chemicals/toxins.


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Stone cleaning videos

Stoneware, before cleaning and after cleaning


Paving stone, before cleaning and after cleaning