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Throughout the year. At temperature's below 5°, it is uncomfortable.

When is the right time to do terrace or stonewre cleaning?

Latest when there is a risk of slipping due to organic growth (moos, algae). If you want a better price when selling or just enjoy a well kept environment.

When should one do stair, paving stone or terrace cleaning?

When there is a danger of slipping. Wooden terraces should be cleaned and maintained on a regular.

When should you do wooden terrace cleaning or WPC terrace cleaning?

Where there is a risk of damaging the material.

When should you not do high-pressure cleaning?

With the appropriate equipment, a good handyman can do this. By sensitive material an expert should be consulted.

Who does patio or stoneware cleaning?

Your local stone cleaner or patio cleaner can do this.

Who cleans grave stones?

A professional roof cleaning company.

Who cleans roofs?

This depends on the size of the surface to be cleaned and the degree of soiling.

How much does terrace cleaning or driveway cleaning cost?

Excessive pressure damages the wood. It is very important to oil the wooden terrace after cleaning.

What should be considered when cleaning a wooden terrace?

The cleaning costs are charged per square meter. In addition, there is a travel allowance.

If desired, the post-cleaning and grouting costs are added.

How to calculate the cost of a patio/terrace cleaning?

Ensure that water drainage is not a problem and that windows and doors are tight. It is also important to inform the neighbours.

How does one clean the patio of a terrace house?

A personal recommendation is always the best. Customer reviews are also very helpful. 

How do I choose a reliable stone cleaning company?

Why is high pressure necessary?

Why doesn't Burgpflege bei Myburgh require chemicals?

With 90° pure water, I remove 90% of dirt, moss, and lichen from almost all surfaces. This is not only environmentally friendly, gentle, and chemical-free, but it also does not damage your plants and grass.

Why do you say that you clean environmentally and without chemicals?

Our motto: No customer is too small or too far away.

Where is the stone cleaning company, Burgpflege bei Myburgh active?

I have had good experiences with a Kärcher HD1050 for stone cleaning, facade cleaning, and roof cleaning. This has enough pressure and water volume and is a very reliable device.

Which pressure washer do you use?

This depends on the soil conditions, the degree of contamination, and the neighbours.

Which high-pressure cleaner is suitable for terrace cleaning?

Besides the cleaning costs, the treatment against the return of fungus and moss, the grout material, and its distribution will be added.

Which additional costs have to be considered?

Organic growth can attack any stone, depending on its habitat and environment. As a result, the beauty and natural colour of the stone are no longer visible. That's why cleaning is definitely worthwhile.

Natural stone cleaning: is it worth cleaning natural stones?

The material determines the pressure to be applied. The rain itself damages the stone more. This is especially visible in cement, composites, and paving stones.

Does the high-pressure water jet damage the stones?

A treatment, slows organic growth (moss, algae, and lichens) for 3 - 5 years. Companies that advertise a prevention of 7 or 10 years are not serious..

Do you give a guarantee that moss and algae will not come back after treatment?

This is most often used where splashing water is not desired.

When do you need a patio cleaning machine?



For large areas or if you do not have the strength, it is advisable to hire a professional stone cleaning company.

Who cleans paving stone, composite stone, artificial stone, or natural stone?

A professional facade cleaning company.

Who cleans building facades?



Important are the total costs and transparency. For cleaning with pure 90° water, you should expect CHF/m2 of 13.00–15.00.

What is the stone cleaning cost per square meter?

It is important that the water can easily drain off and that the doors are tight.

What needs to be considered when cleaning cellar stairs?

We have great success with 90° water. This is not only environmentally friendly but also does not harm the grass and other plants. 

How does one remove moss and lichens?

If possible, organic growth should be prevented by pruning the plants and cleaning them regularly. Without appropriate treatment, it cannot be prevented.

How do you prevent moss, lichens, and algae from coming back?



Dirt sticks to stoneware, patio tiles, and wooden floorboards, and this cannot simply be removed with a garden hose.

Why is high pressure necessary?

When an advantageous habitat exists. This cannot be prevented without treatment.

Why does moss, algae, and lichens grow?



Both are very established brands and are equal. Kärcher is widely used in DIY markets, whereas Kränzle is more expensive.

Which pressure washer do you prefer? Kärcher or Kränzle?

It is best to get advice from the specialists at your high-pressure cleaner dealer.

Which high-pressure cleaning agent is necessary?



Yes, and here too we have much success.

Do you also clean balconies and terrace houses?

Facade cleaning and roof cleaning are also among our specialties. Accessibility, height of the building, and roof pitch affect the price.

Do you also clean facades and roofs?



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