Our Services

Outdoor, like indoor areas get dirty. Not only due to normal daily usage, but also due to environmental influences and organic infestation. Removing this requires a professional cleaning.

In order to bring back the shine, we clean with hot or cold water and the appropriate high-pressure which is environment friendly. Treatment against the return of organic growth we also offer.

We have great success with the removal of moss, lichen, algae, chewing gum and dirt.

  • Among other surfaces, we bring back the shine to:

  • Forecourts and footpaths/sidewalks

  • Terraces and balconies

  • Light shafts and emergency exits

  • Stone walls or exposed concrete

  • Stairs and ramps

  • Underground car parks and parking areas


Cleaning of composite stones, natural stone, concrete floor, wood or PWC substrates and wall/fence are our core competencies. We are happy to accept special orders, such as the cleaning of special objects (e.g. works of art, stone sculptures, tombstones, heavy machinery ..). Depending on the need, long-term protection is also possible.


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